Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last night for the third night in a row, we had terrible severe thunderstorms. Neither of us heard the one from last night though. I'm told that parts of our city had 5 inch hail. YIKES! There were tree branches and actual trees in the roads on my way to my van pool. And my hibiscus plant was again blown over.

Tonight I picked up the antibiotic that the doctor prescribed for Mom and guess what? One of the side effects is diarrhea. Oh joy. Mom continues to seem better this week. Could it be that it is because she is off the Aricept or is this just an up week?

Tonight the neighbor's puppy was in the middle of the road when we came home from Target and she wouldn't move. So I got out of the car, picked her up and put her in the car. I was really concerned about running over her. She sat on Mom's lap while we drove into the garage, then I took her back to her house. Usually her owner watches her like a hawk but tonight the husband was in charge and his attention was lacking. Oh well.

Stopped by the farmer's market to pick up more blueberries but darn! they didn't have any, they are now out of season. The ones we picked up last week were so good. Mom asked me specifically for more.

Heard from my friend Monique. Her dog Spock had to be put down. He had a recurrence of his cancer, this time it was extremely aggressive and he was suffering. I'm so sad for her. Spock was a great dog.


nancy said...


we've had terrible
rain and winds here the last few days as well.

i will say a prayer that the antibiotics work for your mom with no diarrhea.

let's hope for sunny days.

flintysooner said...

When dad has diarrhea I put just a little - like 1 tsp - of Metamucil in one of his meals.

I guess your neighbor's puppy knew who to wait for to get help.

I used to get Schwan's blueberries but they were out last time.

Sorry about Spock.

Makes me want to say "Live Long and Prosper" though.

rilera said...

I've been experimenting with dietary fiber for Mom and it does seem to help. Thanks for the tip about 1 tsp. I wasn't sure how much to use so that is helpful.

~Betsy said...

I learned from a veterinarian, of all people, that yogurt without whole fruit will help with diarrhea. It helps bring the natural bacteria back to where it should be. I used it once with my son when he was little and it worked like a charm! I gave him Dannon custard style, banana flavor.

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