Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tonight we took Olivia to get her 'manicure'. They trimmed her claws and put on the plastic caps called Soft Claws. This helps to stop her from clawing up our rugs and Grandma Ilse's chair. We got home, got out of the car and Mom had an accident. It was like she wasn't even wearing her Depends (she was, but they were soaked). She was humiliated to say the least. Got her in the house and cleaned her up and she was happy as a clam again.

Overnight we had more heavy rain and high winds. My umbrella blew over as did some other things on the patio. However, this time we did not lose power. 50,000 others did though. Last night I found a fascinating entry in Wikipedia about the I-35 bridge collapse. It even has the surveillance video which showed the actual collapse as it happened.

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~Betsy said...

I'm sorry about your mom's accident. Such a blessing they forget things easily!

I saw the terrible storms that came through Minnesota on the news. I'm glad you all weathered them OK.

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