Monday, February 4, 2008

The afternoon caregiver left a note that said Mom's blood draw went fine. Whew. The results were ready by the time I arrived home. Mom was even in a good mood all day even though the morning caregiver didn't give Mom her pills. The usual morning caregiver is on vacation this week so we have Marie filling in. I left a note about that for tomorrow. Most days Mom seems to get along with the caregivers pretty well. She was upset when I came home today because she had had an accident and was soaked. She feels that she has done something bad when this happens, I feel that stems from her childhood. I know that both caregivers try to get Mom to use the bathroom but she refuses. It's that privacy thing.

I was able to scrapbook yesterday, finally. I finished about 6 pages. Mom even sat at the table and colored while I did this.

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~Betsy said...

Good news on the blood draw! Yay for small successes!

Good luck with the scrap booking. I lack the patience for it but envy those who can see it through.

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