Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today the facility that is closest to our house called today. They have an apartment available, with two bedrooms. Much too big and expensive for our needs, though it does look very nice. It has a porch too! However, I told them we were going to pass.

Mom is in a great mood today. We had upped her antidepressant about 2 weeks ago so I wonder if it is helping. She seems to be having a lot less tearfulness. I really don't like medication but if it helps her quality of life then it's OK. She is even showing more interest in doing things outside the house. I don't know if we can chalk that up to more sunshine and daylight or the medication or maybe both.


~Betsy said...

Whatever the reason, I'm glad you are having happy times with your mom! Enjoy!

Annie said...

Every year I am amazed at what a difference the sun coming back does. Glad it is working for you too.

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