Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did you know?


cornbread hell said...

as the video began, i was saying to myself, yes i knew that. but it didn't take long for my jaw to drop. (or it woulda if this neck brace woulda let it.) wow.

i was pleased to see the video end on a somewhat positive note. thanks, robyn. i will pass it along.

~Betsy said...

I saw a piece on one of the morning shows about a book recently publised where the author accuses our teens of today of not knowing anything. He calls them something like the dumb generation (not a direct quote). His opinion is such because they aren't able to easily quote poetry authors or specific history dates.

The piece went on to interview a professor at one of the Ivy League schools. He said the book is untrue because in today's society, if a kid wanted to know when Christopher Columbus first reached America, they would simply Google it. Made me smile.

Thanks for sharing.

rilera said...

Betsy, I saw that same piece and agree. Rick, I'm glad the neck brace kept your jawing from dropping too far LOL.

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