Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is the beautiful yarn that Annie sent me. I still can't believe that she gathered, spun, dyed and everything else involved, this beautiful stuff. She does amazing work. I am making a pair of wristlets out of this lovely yarn and will post a picture when finished. I love this color too. In the meantime, if you knit, you've got to try some of Annie's yarn. It rocks!

I'm still not feeling better. I'm not wheezing very much though. And I'm trying to avoid giving it to Mom by not hanging out with her. That doesn't always go well because she likes me to be with her at all times.

The sun is out but it is cold.. -7. Thanks for rubbing in the 70 degree weather in Austin Rick. I hope you had fun swimming. This summer when you are sweltering, we will be too. And it will be unbearably humid with giant mosquitoes attacking us. Minnesota...the land of fire and ice.


nancy said...

beautiful yarn! it's a good day to stay inside!!!

Annie said...

Aw shucks. I'm glad you like it. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Glad to hear the wheezing has stopped. Take care of yourself!

~Betsy said...

The yarn is incredible! WOW!

I hope you are soon feeling better.

Cinnamin said...

Hello there! I agree, what a beautiful color of yarn! I too hope that you are feeling better soon!!

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