Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm exhausted and achy. I've been clenching my jaw so hard that it hurts and I can't seem to get myself to stop it.

I'm participating in a study at the University of MN for adult children who are caregivers for their parent with Alzheimer's. Today marked one year of participation for me. I met with the study director and filled out a survey. The study participants are broken down into two groups; one group, that I'm in, receives comprehensive care, meaning they have the ability to meet with and get support from a counselor. The other group does not receive this care. They are trying to see if providing support for the caregiver helps cut down on stress and depression. I admit, that recently I haven't utilized the counselor as much as I should.

Mom was whiny and refused to leave the house for her protime today. So I decided to call the clinic and see if they offer home blood draws. They do not but they gave me the names of some services that do so I called a few of them and chose one who seemed to be pretty good. She said she will be here around 12:30 on Monday. I can't remember if the caregiver will be here also at that time. Of course none of this is covered by Medicare and Mom is concerned about the cost. I on the other hand, am tired of struggling to get Mom out of the house to get this done and it's too important to ignore. God, I hate this disease so much. I feel so bad for her because she would not want to be this way at all. It's an awful loss of dignity. And it sucks.

On a happy note, I have some gorgeous alpaca yarn from Annie to knit some new wristlets. I jumped right in and began knitting tonight. I love this yarn! It's a gorgeous shade of purple from Peach Boy. Thank you Annie! It's a dream to knit with. Knitting relaxing me, so maybe this will help with the tension I've been having in my neck, shoulders and jaw.


~Betsy said...

I'm sorry your mom is being uncooperative about the blood draws. I remember those days well. Good thinking on the home care!

Enjoy your knitting!

Annie said...

That arrived quickly! But it sounds like just in the nick of time too.

Mom doesn't like to go out in the cold either. I basically have to push her out the door and make sure it is locked behind us so she can't get back in. Then I point to the truck as our warm haven. It may sound mean, but if we want groceries then she has to get out of the house, I have no choice. Sorry to take over your comments with my whining!

flintysooner said...

I like the new design layout for your blog. That's so cool about Annie's yarn.

Praying for you.

nancy said...

i too am sorry about all the stres in your jaw, neck. don't have to look far to figure out where it's coming from. i'm glad the yarn arrived for you, and that it helps relax you.

that's cool about the UM study you are participating in. i'm glad you are in the support arm of it. i hope you consider taking advantage of the support.

i also hope the home lab works for you. you are in my thoughts.

rilera said...

Thanks everyone. You can use my comments anytime to vent Annie! I love my yarn!

I'm nervous about the blood draw on Monday because she is planning to come at a time when we might not have caregiver coverage and Mom might not understand what is happening. This is when I wish I worked closer to home so that I could buzz over and be here for Mom. My sister suggested calling the caregiver agency and asking for someone to be there by either coming earlier or leaving later so I'll try that.

~Betsy said...

I agree with your sister, Robyn. I think without you or a caregiver, your mom may not allow a blood draw!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Enjoy the knitting, Robyn. Hope your mom becomes a bit more cooperative with the blood draws. The study sounds interesting. Do take advantage of the counseling when you get the opportunity. I should look into something like that as well. ((HUGS))

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