Friday, February 22, 2008

This afternoon I met with the Geriatric Care Manager. Mom LOVED her! I'm not sure what it was that she liked about her, but she has commented several times about how much she liked her. She said she 'looks like us'. Not sure what that means. I think I would definitely utilize a care manager as we approach moving Mom to a facility and even once she is in the facility. The care manager had positive things to say about all 3 facilities that we have chosen so that is good.

Yesterday I learned about something called a Joy Kit that is used to stimulate memories for the ALZ patient and allows someone to spend quality one on one time with the person who has memory loss. It is broken down by disease stage. I was quite impressed by it and am going to try to put some together for Mom. I stopped by Michaels after my therapist appointment and picked up some beads for stringing, some foam backing for making puzzles and some coloring books.

The sun is out and the temperature is 22F. Yay.


cornbread hell said...

thanks for the joy kit link, robyn.

cornbread hell said...

oh & almost forgot to say 29 degrees!!! woohoo!

nancy said...

what a neat idea about the joy kit. thanks for linking it. it is so good to hear how they are coming up with great ideas for AD. now if they can only come up with a CURE!!!

we are suppose to have a warmer weekend as well. high 20's, sunny and no wind or snow. YEAH!!!

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