Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today after breakfast Mom and I worked the puzzles that I made yesterday for her joy kit. I was impressed by how well she was able to do them. It made for some great one-on-one time for us. I bought some flat foam sheets and glued pictures from an old calendar on them. Then I cut the pictures into puzzle pieces. These joy kits would be a great service project for a girl scout troop I think! I ordered some wooden beads from that I will put into the joy kit. I had bought some plastic beads yesterday but I'm not too thrilled with them. I need to purchase some modeling clay too. I think Mom would like that. Mom has always been very into crafts her whole life (she knitted, crocheted, made stuff for craft shows including jewelry, she painted and so many other things that I can't remember) so I think she will enjoy these things. And she and I did a lot of these things together so it's good for both of us. I bought a cardboard box for storing photos in a pretty color and I put foam letters on it to label it "Joy Kit". Then I put the instructions from the website into the box. I hope that it will allow Mom's caregivers to spend some quality time with her while I'm at work. Speaking of Mom's caregivers, yesterday Mom said she likes having them visit with her; she doesn't like to be alone. In a few months we have come so far.


flintysooner said...

That's a lovely picture you paint of your time with your mom.


Annie said...

Sounds like the joy kits are a big hit!

nancy said...

you are doing such a wonderful job with your mom and will have precious memories to carry with you forever. God bless you robyn!