Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The vacancy at the memory care facility is a companion suite which means Mom would be sharing space with someone else. Mom definitely would not go for that, so I will be passing on it. The room has a southern exposure which would be really nice, but I'm going to have enough problems convincing her this is a good move without the burden of losing some of her privacy.

Today Mom had a different caregiver in the afternoon and she was very upset about it at first. But she settled down. And the caregiver seemed to be very understanding about it, stressing that it's the disease. It's got to be especially hard for Mom to have strangers show up at her house and try to tell her to use the bathroom and stuff. This disease is hell.

Tonight we are watching the lunar eclipse. We have top down shades and I pulled the shade down so Mom can see it. She seems to think it's pretty cool, which it is.

Here is another video from youtube. It's Nora the piano playing cat! I love this. This is actually a sequel to a previous video. I love this cat. Enjoy!

1 comment:

~Betsy said...

Nora's awesome!

I once had a cat who answered the phone. He was something special, too!

Can't say I blame you for skipping the memory care unit. I think you're right - it would be hard for your mom to adjust to a roomie.

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