Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today when I called Mom she was angry at me for not being home with her. Terri was there though and she left a note that said she and Mom had a really good morning together and that makes me feel better. It's hard to remember sometimes that this anger, though directed at me, is not really something that Mom has control over. I shouldn't take it personally. But I still feel like I've disappointed her somehow. Alysha got Mom to the bathroom this afternoon which is a good thing!

We are having snow and it took an extra hour to get home tonight. It was very slow going. Mom was a little worried, but at least she wasn't crying. I worry about her if I'm late, because I know she she gets confused. Tonight she was thinking that she could use her crayons for brushing her teeth. I think we are rapidly approaching the time when she puts things in her mouth. I keep remembering Annie's mom and the quarter that she swallowed so I am vigilant as I can be about things that can go in the mouth.

I talked to Mom's financial broker today. He was very sad about her decline. He's known Mom and Dad a long time so watching them both go through their illnesses has been difficult. Alzheimer's sucks so much. I hope they find a cure soon. It will probably be too late for Mom but I hope that they can stop it so that families don't have to suffer through this like me and my caregiver friends.

Finally got Mom in bed and sleeping. She jerks a lot and talks in her sleep. She was talking about weird stuff. Is this typical for people with ALZ?


~Betsy said...

My mom talked a lot in her sleep, too. It rarely made sense. There were times I had to turn her monitor down so that Dave could sleep.

Hang in there, Robyn.

flintysooner said...

Robyn I feel for you. You're doing a great job.

Joanne said...

You're doing a wonderful job, Robyn. My mom talks in her sleep all the time. Makes for a lot of sleepless nights. LOL ((HUGS))

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