Saturday, February 9, 2008

I convinced Mom to take a shower today! YAY! Well, actually it wasn't so much convinced as coaxed. You'd think I was asking her to participate in the Bataan death march (apologies to anyone who did or knew someone who did, it was beyond comprehension) and who knows, maybe in her mind that is what it is like. I hate this disease.

After nearly 16 years with asthma I didn't think anything could freak me out. Last night I experienced wheezing for the first time. I never realized what it sounded like so I googled it and heard an actual recording of wheezing in the chest. I am coming down with a cold thanks to someone at work who has been coughing nonstop for at least a week. Not that I'm blaming him, I'm pretty run down from caring for Mom so I'm susceptible to just about everything. I broke out the neti pot last night and the Zicam. I have the aches and my asthma is bad.


Annie said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Ugh, the wind has started.

rilera said...

Annie, the wind has started here too. It's kicking up the light snow we received last night and this morning. Double ugh.

~Betsy said...

Robyn - lot's of fluids, dear. If this continues, it sounds like you should see the doctor. Hang in!

cornbread hell said...

sorry about your cold. and the cold weather, too.

it was in the 70s here in austin today.(read it and weep.)

my son's coming to visit tomorrow and no matter what the air temperature is we're going swimming in barton springs where the water is officially a pretty constant *cccold.* i'll try to remember to take the camera...

get/stay well, robyn. and congrats with the mom shower.

i hate this disease, too,

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